A horse gives us their heart and soul, it is our duty to protect it

Many times we invest a lot in lessons and clinics that we do together with our horse to make progression. Your horse is everything to you and still there can be circumstances that requires a training. There are a lot of reasons to get your horse in training. But in the end it's all about helping the horse.

reasons for training may be the following:

* You own a young horse and want to give them a good start but are not capable of doing this yourself
* Life gets busy for a period and you want to make sure your horse gets well trained
* Your horse shows behavior/physical issues and you don't know how to help de horse
* Your horse has a trauma and you want to help the horse get over it
* You got stuck with the training and you don't know how to procceed

We firmly believe that horses need time to learn or to rehabilitate, for that reason we have a 3 month minimum for training. With limit space available.

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